Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Ow, allergies.

Today, the sleep (or lack thereof) caught up to me. Somewhere between the inability to breathe at night and the inability to sleep soundly, I obtained the unwillingness to wake up all the way and go to work. So I decided that I was going to be Personal today. (Work doesn't really care why you're out; the reason for late or absence put in is either Sick, Personal, or Transportation.)

Meanwhile, Firefox and I are having difficulties with clicking on links in frames. I can't click or control-click; it has to be right-click open in new tab. Obnoxious. It wouldn't be notable except that my webmail uses frames, and while normal operation is mostly OK, I have to use some of the problematical links for doing things with the bulk mail. Garrr.

A little later on, after I've decided that I can breathe again, I'll be calling a certain Darkside. He was sick last week, and sick last night when I called (I got his dad, which isn't much fun for either of us); here's hoping he'll be awake and coherent and willing to talk and there sometime today when I call.

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