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My Weekend...


  • Too tired to move. Called in from work.
  • Napped.
  • Spent time with Figment, including some Really Weird ShitTM.
  • Figment went off to try and have dinner with his parents.
  • Figment picked me up to go shopping because he was too late and missed them.
  • The place where I was headed to shop was closed early, because duh, Sunday.
  • Figment and I scoped out a discount movie theatre still showing Phantom of the Opera and A Series of Unfortunate Events; we made plans to see PotO on Monday.
  • Figment and I finally went shopping, as I was too wound up to actually relax and see a movie. We dropped my groceries off at my place.
  • Figment showed me the subliminals in The Wizard of Speed and Time (I swear, the guy is a walking glamourbomb) and then proceeded to run A Midsummer Night's Dream and Agent Cody Banks past me.


  • I zonked out on his living room couch.
  • We slept in.
  • We slept way in.
  • He called plumbers and electricians while I read some of his late wife's old magazines and made the usual faces over some of the columns. (I wasn't raised in TV America. This magazine is for TV America.)
  • I felt grungy, so we went to my apartment to each take showers. (His hot water is still broken.) This took a significant amount of time, which worked out ... poorly ... later on.
  • He dropped me off at the plasma place.
  • He went to go get the oil change he needed.
  • He failed his oil change roll, as all the places around were closing.
  • We went to get the shopping I hadn't been able to do the previous day accomplished.
  • We dropped the groceries off at his place and got something to eat.
  • We set out for the movie.
  • The car began making a funky noise. We pulled over. (8:15 pm)
  • He went and got oil.
  • The car failed to restart.
  • We waited for the car to cool down.
  • The car again failed to restart. (9:50 pm)
  • We walked to a nearby pay phone (for 1/2 mile definitions of "nearby"), but realized that the only two useful local numbers we had memorized off the tops of our heads were a) his parents', and b) Darkside's. (I have work's number memorized as well, but that would not have worked.) (Neither of us have a cellphone.)
  • He tried to pull his brain back together enough to try and remember dustraven or trystan_laryssa's number; I supplied the last 4 digits of her number but he couldn't remember the first 2. (He got the 3rd dead on, though...) He explained why calling his mom wouldn't work so well.
  • He decided to give starting the car one last try.
  • We went over to a nearby grocery store to get water. (11:00 pm)
  • The car failed to restart.
  • He found his AAA card. (11:30 pm)
  • We walked back to the pay phone and called AAA. They said it would be about 1:30 am before the tow truck showed. (Neither of us had a watch either.)
  • We waited.


  • We waited some more.
  • We called AAA again. (1:45 am)
  • The tow truck showed up. (2:10 am)
  • The car got dropped off at an approved repair shop a short walk from his place; we got dropped off at his place. (3:00 am)
  • We crashed hard.
  • He called all sorts of people about the car and the water repairs.
  • The car needs a new engine.
  • We cleaned, sorta.
  • I left, and dragged my groceries with me on the bus home.
  • Now I am home. Yay.


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