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HP filkiness: TTTO "White Rabbit"

Da Bird had a filk bunny. I proceeded to play with it, with the following (beta version) results:
One spell makes you shiver
And one spell makes you fall
But the spells that Hogwarts gives you
don't do anything at all
Go ask Albus
if you are just small

And if you go
chasing white-masks
but you can't beat them all
Tell 'em a naughty Dark Arts teacher
Has made you heed the call
Call Albus
he'll fix it all

When the prophecies and portents
they tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of potion
and your mind is moving low
Go ask Albus
I think he'll know

When loyalty and bloodlines
have crossed, and allies fled
And the Seer's talking Riddles
And the Dark Lord's 'Off with his head'
what the Dursleys said
You are dead
You are dead

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