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Techie Bits

Madam Twi'lek from freshstartwrite is in need of a new computer, one that's got a modern OS, a modern version of MS Word, Photoshop, and basic internet connectivity. easalle is plotting to have her husband go shopping with Madam Twi'lek very soon. Whee! Computers!

If Darkside isn't going to be using Tigereye, I may reclaim her from him soon, so that I can have computers set up here in the fashion to which I am accustomed. I would also like a new monitor.

Figment's car is under repair, and will be down for the better part of a month. Figment has gotten a bus pass. He and I won't be seeing as much of each other as we are used to because of this.

Firefox seems to be behaving itself now with links in frames. I think it was a bad patch to my tabbed browser extensions that was breaking it; this latest update seems to be doing very well indeed. I'm glad, because that was getting very tedious. I don't like unstable products.

My Tower of Doom by the computer desk has been updated with the phone books. This is a handy place for them, as they're right by the phone, and out of the way where I won't step on them.

I love the fact that the stove has its own built-in timer. I think I use the timer more than I use the stove. I use the timer on laundry, to make sure I get it swapped over when it's done. It's really convenient.

This is going to be a hectic week for me at work; I really need to start digging up my schedule book and writing the stuff I need to do in there rather than just relying on memory and paper and whiteboards. I really want an electronic whiteboard that I can enter stuff into so it'll display it where I can see it constantly, a whiteboard that'll synch up with online address/date/memo book and PDA. Speaking of PDA, I need to dig up AzureBlue and see if she can't be convinced to work again. Yay, technology.

I also need to set up my printer. I have a really nice printer. I just need to find my cables.

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