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Whee, household stuff!

I had to do laundry, because I was not about to go to work braless, no matter how much certain bondmates might appreciate the bouncy-bouncy. And doing laundry reminded me about the mirror in the closet, so I took the risk of noise and found the hammer and the picture-hangers and made sure the thing is now secured to the wall at the top so it won't fall over, even though the base is still resting on the dresser.

The box of items from the fallen cabinets that was in the closet is now fully unpacked, if not fully put away. At least it's now all out in the kitchen/pantry areas rather than sitting in the closet where it can do no one any good whatsoever.

My whiteboard has been re-organized. I use the whiteboard as another prosthetic brain, and it helps when I have everything where it's supposed to be, organized with like items so I can find the one I'm looking for right off the bat. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to keep the Celtic Potter's number up there so I can refer random callers for marxdarx to that number as being a more appropriate way to get in touch with him. Perhaps until July or August?

I wound up going through my e-mail inbox at some length, because I had over one hundred messages in there. I dealt with enough of them to bring the inbox tally somewhere below 75, which is what I was aiming for. Some things need attention, and some things don't. I got some community maintenance done; look for some changes over at note_to_cat on the userinfo page, especially the list of things that should be cut, and the associated post regarding cut tags over tragedies.

Figment's water situation should have been fixed as of today. This will mean that while he will still be taking the bus, at least he will also be able to take showers at home, and not have to come and visit me to see that he gets clean. Not that visiting me means that he will get clean, with how dirty our minds can get.

Dishes have been done; they're waiting on drying off to be entirely put away. I shall vacuum -- later. Like, sometime tomorrow.

It probably will help me if I write down my meal plan(s) for the day on the whiteboard so I don't space them. Like, there are things in the refrigerator I have to use or else they will go blooey, like the chocolate pasta with chocolate and raspberry sauce. (V brings home interesting things. I intend to share with Figment.) Breakfast seems to be intended to be salad. I am to hope that this all works out well.

This work week is going to be very intense. I'm doing check-in 3/4 days, and the 4th, where I'm on the phones, will be Saturday, the 10 hour shift. On the bright side, if the Dendarii Brewing Co. survey is still the #1 priority, I'll get to sit next to Figment for the last two hours, yay! On the dark side, guess who I probably won't get a chance to call and talk to that day?

So. Supper dishes in the sink and rinsed, waterbottle refilled, stuff prepared for tomorrow, and ... bed! Yay!

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