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Whee, work. Whee, home.

Tonight was an early night, compounded by the fact that I wasn't doing check-in after all. There was a bit of a seniority thing going on -- having me as check-in would have sent one of the senior staff-who-are-staff to the phones, so I wound up on the phones.

I did get 9 surveys in less than 7 hours on the one survey, though, which is a nice thing.

The Tale of Woe about Figment's car (minus some of the juicier details like the little details leading up to the complete and catastrophic engine failure, like the fact that he had plenty of warning to put oil in but was conflictingly informed and wound up taking the wrong advice) is spreading throughout work.

Trader Joe's Queen Monitor wound up being next to me on the phones today (until she was pulled to help train the latest class of n00bs). Yay! She heard about my weekend, and pried as to whether or not there was something going on between Figment and me.

"Not exactly," was probably not the best answer I could have given. I wound up explaining -- ordinarily I'd be very interested in him, except -- he's LDS and I'm ... (I paused for a few long beats, enough time to let her size me up in all my black-clad, silver-starred, plum wine lipsticked glory) ... not.

That was enough right there. Heh. LDS/Pagan != OTP, at least from the viewpoint of most random observers. Yay, the casual observer.

If I'm not check-in tomorrow, I may well be helping out with training n00bs, and/or monitoring. We'll see.

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