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Rent & Magic

Dropped into the office on my way home from work. It was the Maintenance Witch on duty, and in addition to the rent check getting processed nicely on time, I got to help her clear out the aura of the office that she inherited with the Assistant Manager position. It was nasty in there, but it's clean enough now, though it'll need another run-through next month to clear out the rest of the seepage from the guy once it creeps out of the stuff it's been hiding in.

In addition to that, there are other apartments that need a little extra something, starting with one that's five over from me where some guy killed himself, and the one right below me where the guy died in that horrible oxygen-assisted fire.

There's a cat about, and he's clearly on Errantry. He seems to be paying attention to the Maintenance Witch, much as Moshie decided that Sis was his person.

I miss the Mosh perhaps more than I miss eris_raven.

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