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"Aren't you glad you've got me? Where would you like to kick me?" -- one of the resident cranky old ladies, who does not interact well with computers, reporting a computer problem (likely a PEBKAC error).

Paladin of Souls, by Lois McMaster Bujold, is the happy recipient of not only a Hugo for Best Novel, but a Nebula for Best Novel as well. (I shared this with the Bunny Master (TJ's Queen Monitor's husband, who has this nickname from a Vampire: the Masquerade chatroom he's the storyteller in) because he's a fanboy of her works too.)

My workplace is decent about descretion in firing. Someone got fired yesterday, one of the shrill and loud ladies who was always complaining about things and rarely read verbatim. I happened to notice because I was in the area when the fatal minus report came in, and the Stressy College Chick sighed and said that oops, this was the last straw, and she would have to be let go: there were orders from the office that this was to happen if she should get another minus report. But she didn't say the name at all, just told Comic Pirate Super to get the person from such-and-such a booth and have them sit and wait in Monitor Room 5 and she'd be there to talk with her in a bit. I had to look up the person on the seating chart to figure out who it was. Granted, I could have waited and watched to see who walked by, but people are getting called up to talk with supervisors all the time...

Yes, I'm nosy like that. If I hadn't had the seating chart to hand, I probably wouldn't have bothered to figure out, because that would have been a little too nosy.

Right now, my job function (at the moment) is mostly sitting, answering the phone, looking decorative, and editing the text questions from the surveys. There are some pretty amusing ones, such as the "Ass packaging" answer to the employment question, and of course Figment's all-time favorite amusing answer. "Dancer." "And what does the job entail?" "Taking my shirt off and showing my boobs to guys." (Or something along those lines.) Today's aren't that amusing, but they're still fun enough... When things speed up, I'll be doing more paperwork. At the moment, though, since it's a Sunday morning, it's a little quiet.

On why this person rated a bill/bill format poorly: "It's monotonous. It is uninteresting. It's not like reading science fiction."

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