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Car Accident

I'm safe. My loved ones are safe. But some poor woman and her loved ones are not.

I was on the phone with Figment when I heard the sort of bad noise that makes you rush to see what happened outside. I peered outside and over the balcony, and I saw a situation outside that made me step outside to get a closer look. When I did get that look, I told Figment, "I have to call 911." So I did.

It was a dark colored suburban-style vehicle, and there was a woman lying face-down on the ground in front of and to one side of the passenger-side front corner of the vehicle. She was not moving. 911 rang what seemed like forever, and got the pertinent information: a car accident, the location, I only saw one vehicle, the color (dark, black or dark blue, too dark to tell), the style of vehicle, the person on the ground.

"Oh my God! Call 911!"
"I'm on the phone with 911 now!"
That was at least mildly reassuring.

"Is she breathing?" I relayed to the crowd that had already started to gather.
No. Or at least, they didn't think so.

"Is she bleeding?"

"Don't touch her!"
They didn't.

There was background rustling as paramedics were contacted. I waited.

"Someone's got a blanket they want to put over her. Can they?" They could.

I waited. I gave the cross streets again. I waited. There was more of a crowd. One man was waving traffic by. People started talking, crying. It happened so suddenly. There was no sign of any other activity in or around the vehicle; she must have been driving alone. It didn't look like any other vehicles were there, just the one. I looked, but didn't see any notable point of impact where the vehicle could have slammed into anything. The vehicle was in the middle lane of the three lanes on the northbound side of the street, askew.

When I got off the phone with 911, I realized that she must have been thrown from the driver's seat of the car, through the windshield, and over the hood and out.

People started wondering where the police were. This is Phoenix. There had been several 911 calls. Right about then, I saw the flashing lights from my balcony. And that's what I do when there's a crisis situation -- I try to stay calm by keeping everyone else calm and informed of what's going on. That's how I cope.

Once the paramedics got out of the fire truck -- in no particular hurry, as they were walking rather than running -- it looked like a few seconds more wouldn't change anything -- they lifted the blanket off her back, examined her without moving her, examined the scene, moved people back, attached sensor patches to her back...

I called Figment back, and apologized for taking so long. It had gone by short, on his end. I had put the pizza in just a little before the accident had happened, and by the timer, only fifteen minutes or less had gone by.

They were covering her up with the blanket again. That's never a good sign.

Figment decided he was coming over. I argued. He declared that I was not dealing with it well, and that he was coming over. I argued. He did not stand for argument. He declared that I was not taking it well right now, and I would be taking it less well in just a little bit. Once I realized that I was in fact garnetdagger, I stopped arguing, because I didn't know how well they would take it after I moved back.

So he's walking over, now.

They stretched yellow tape around, and the emergency personnel began filtering off. The woman's body was still lying there under the now blood-spotted blanket.

It's 1:58am now, more than an hour later, and there is one lone policeman standing vigil.

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