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Life, and things like it...

Since Figment came to the conclusion that I was not coping at all well last night, he walked the seven miles over here alone in the dark at somewhat after midnight. (Did I mention that the man's loyal to a fault?) I fed him pizza and he curled up on my living room floor after making sure I'd be OK.

We slept in majorly, and spent much of the morning (what was left of it) talking and giggling about things. The two of us are worse than an entire slumber party full of eleven-year-olds, and I say this having been one of those eleven-year-olds. We'd already stayed up late talking about religion, vows, and honor -- the sort of heavy stuff that doesn't do well in the daylight, though it was edging perilously close to daylight by the time we got done.

The discussion we had on Sunday about Darkside, and love, amounted to this: after one's fallen in love, one may not realize it. Either one comes to a slow realization, perhaps noticing over a period of years that wow, one's acting like an old married couple with one's friend, or to a swift realization, noticing that This Isn't Usual, what one's doing with this person, and why should all these odd things be happening -- oh, one is in love.

So I had a cunning plan -- I should not tell Darkside that he loves me, because that would not go over well, and everyone knows that. Instead, when Darkside should happen to do something around me that he doesn't do around anyone else, something that indicates his level of trust for me, I should point out (in awe) that wow, I should imagine that he does not tend to do/say/show/express that sort of thing around anyone else, does he. And I have a good idea of how to phrase it, and I suspect that if the moment occurs, I'll be given some of the words to help.

I did get some cleanup done -- the coffee table has been moved to a horizontal position over by the bookshelves (right where Figment can sit on it, it seems...) and the Tangle of Electronics has been scooped up off the floor. I have almost the entire area covered with area rugs, so the actual dread beige carpeting will take minimal damage.

I seem to have been lucky on the damage front, speaking of... let's just say that unless something gets more officially noted by someone more official, the maintenance witch may settle for taking it out of my hide in trade. I do like what I did to her office. I should write that up for future workings.

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