Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

College and Tea (odd dreams)

I was dreaming about a college, and some of the events for the college, including lunch, were needlessly complicated. Someone was complaining about being without a beverage for lunch, so I produced a packet of tea from my pocket. Of course, what I'd thought was going to be some straightforward bagged tea turned into a little box of exotic gourmet tea that smelled like it involved vanilla beans and looked like it involved pinecones. (Yes. Pinecones. From real pine trees. Not spruce cones.)

This all combined with a Thanksgiving dinner, the spies from Dumb & Dumber as landlords, the impossibility of getting a good turkey, the door being blocked with an industrial refrigerator for safety purposes and having to ease out to talk to the landlords from between the very close-together shelves inside, trying to blackmail the landlords into getting their duties as landlords done and get the utilities in working order.

For some reason, onyxrising, sithjawa, elorie and/or elynne (I think it was elorie's personality with elynne's username, which isn't surprising, as I had them the same color and they start with the same two letters and their name is the same length and they end with the same letter) were all there, along with Clone Name Super from work driving a bus with some other co-workers on it (he was in theory picking us up from the parking lot of one of those fast food burrito joints) and pulling the bus around crazily in the parking lot like he was just using the parking lot to turn around and actually had no intention of picking us up -- that's a clear representation of my anxiety about work, there, because I'm perpetually afraid that People Want To Fuck With My Head, and/or People Don't Really Like Me (even though Figment keeps pointing out that at least at work, what's there not to like?) so having someone pull that in a dream is only normal, even though Clone Name Super is one of the least likely to play mind games (with me) there.

Funky dream. Glad I'm awake now.

But that was really cool tea. sithjawa was involved with the tea somehow, which makes sense.

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