Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Fun with Work

Seven and a half hours before the workplace calms down
enough for me to do anything besides work my tail off.
Seven and a half hours without any appreciable

It's good to be appreciated, right?

Notable incidents of the day included the cup with
cookies in it; Stressy College Chick Shift Ops Super
attempted to hand them off to about three different
other supervisors. By the third attempt, I could no
longer keep a straight face.

One of the employees here, a phone goon, looks like
he's wearing Groucho Marx glasses, because he has
thick dark eyebrows, dark-framed glasses, and a
mustache. The effect is comical if you're not
expecting it.

Cute Geek Super to Stressy College Chick on tampering
with her food on the dinner run: "I won't spit in your
food -- my little friend will spit in your
food." Silly Cute Geek Super. (It amuses me that Cute
Geek Super is one or two years younger than I am.)

Figment's monitor report came back with a decent
number of stars on it. I grinned when I saw that, and
got a star out of my Check-In Equipment Box and
slapped that on the monitor report as well. The
supervisor for the job (who hasn't got a nickname yet;
I think he should perhaps be Phone Call In Super,
because he has a wife and an assortment of friends who
always call in for him) started giving me a hard time
about it. This led to Rev. Nice Super adding to the
hassle, and then Stressy College Chick as well. I
turned an interesting color.

There was discussion of metal vs. wood baseball bats
to be used as a blunt instrument, and whether or not
the person over which the metal baseball bat is
whacked can hear the nice "ping" sound when the bat
collides with their head. (Clone Name Super said that
yes, they do; his cousin had a close encounter.)

So, an interesting day.

Tomorrow I'm a phone goon; I may well take it the heck
off, because I'm so exhausted. (Yep. I checked with
Stressy College Chick, and both of us are taking it
off. Yay!)

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