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Staff Meeting

In retrospect, while hiding in the closet of a freaked-out Figment from his Very Mormon Mother was certainly amusing, I could have probably had a far calmer day if I'd not said "fuck it", and gone to work as previously planned.

The staff meeting was fun, though. There was pizza all around. We were split up into a number of teams, as there were four separate presentations, and a limited amount of space and time. It would have been a zoo if the entire staff meeting were to have taken place in one room with all the presenters. Therefore, we all rotated between the four different presenters in the four different rooms.

My group got the fun presentation first -- it was one of those team-building exercises, where our group of eight-ish was split into two teams, and we played a visual/verbal/visual game.

There was a picture on a flip chart in a nearby meeting room, and there were two flip charts and two sets of markers in our meeting room. One person from each team was selected to go, view the picture in the other room, and then verbally describe the picture so that the rest of the team could reproduce it. We did not get to point or gesture, though we could coach the drawers as they were drawing.

I was selected to be our group's person to go and look at the picture, then give instructions. I was decent at it. Trendy Chick Super and one of the Office Ladies were drawing. The rules said that more than one person could go and look and give instructions, but only one person could give instructions at once, and once you'd looked at the picture, you couldn't go back to drawing. Comic Pirate Super was in my group too, and since he wasn't drawing, he went and looked at the picture and started giving instructions too.

Meanwhile, Rev. Nice Super, Short Chick Super, and the Fulfillment Supervisor Who We Never See Up Front were the other team, and there was serious contention. They also had two people looking at the picture and instructing on it, but things over there turned out to not be going so well. In contrast, Comic Pirate Super and I started working together very smoothly, and when it was all over, our group's picture wound up looking closer to the original.

From the experience, we learned that while working solo is better than working in a team with poor communications, working in a team with good communications is better than working solo. Everything must be explained clearly. Break things down into general areas. Always keep written instructions so that you can be consistent.

The rest of the meetings were not half so exciting, though they were interesting and informative.

At the end of the night, we re-convened in the break room to hear closing arguments the wrap-up speech and entertain any questions. There was a little awards ceremony for the visual/verbal/visual exercise as well. All eight different versions of the picture got held up by a representative from the group. It was too difficult to pick out the best right off, so the worst were eliminated. It finally came down to our group and another group. That group had missed the large red blob completely, and hadn't put any detailing on the kite. With the exception of Rev. Nice Super and one other hold-out (Rev. Nice Super was cheating by raising both his hands) the meeting in general proclaimed my group's picture the best.

As a prize, we each got a little bag with a $WORKPLACE_NAME insulated protected-topped beverage cup, five vending machine coupons, and a keychain wave generator with the blue oil/water mixture. Yay, us! Since I picked a coffee mug like that for my replacement incentive for high production in lieu of the parking place, I think I shall give this mug to the Figment. *grin* Gooood Figment.

We also each got an attendance buyback for attending the meeting, which means I'm very happy with myself. I should check my attendance score again, just to keep current on it.

It was a good staff meeting to have as my first one, I think. Since staff meetings generally start at 6:30 pm and run until 10:30pm, I was lucky that this one started early, at 4:30.

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