Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Happy Mother's Day!

Lots of mothers on LJ, so I'm not sure if I even want to attempt to list 'em all. But special Mother's Day greetings to Mama (if you're reading this), Darkside's mom (even less likely, but ditto), Figment's mom (who probably WON'T read this, plzkthxbi), nilo, iroshi, amberfox, pharminatrix, shadesong, ariedana, bekijane, mamajoan, cissa, easalle, grifyn, janezero, melcocha (Pontiff counts!), fiddle_dragon, nalidoll, smmc, sorcha007, stormraven23, thette (whenever your body gets around to it), trystan_laryssa (so he's not yours, but he's your bondmate's, so...), tyrantmouth (Again, the little squirrel counts!), olliesmama, and teenagewitch. Um. And someone who likely knows who she is, but may not care to be so greeted in public; may you meet strong and healthy in Timeheart, and a pox on those insensitive clods who performed religious rites without your permission and pressed their incompatible mourning customs upon you in your time of extremity.

And there are likely some who I missed -- sorry about that! (After my memory was exhausted, I copied and pasted from my userinfo, and only kept the people I knew were mothers, or near-mothers, or mothers-to-be.)

We'll have coffee at work (yay coffee!) and muffins. Yay muffins!

chorus_of_chaos, when was that Non-Parenthood Celebration day you were talking about getting together? Wasn't it back in February or March? The informed decision to not have children when it would be wrong to do so is as worthy of celebration as the raising of healthy and happy children.

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