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Phone Post:

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“To start off, I'd like to note that I'm using the New Hope, PA phone number to make this phone post. Which is entirely appropriate, or inappropriate, based on the content of this post. You see, Figment's over here tonight, and he was teasing me about what Darkside and I may get up to when we finally do wind up seeing Revenge of the Sith together. He was teasing that yes, he and I will go and see the Revenge of the Sith together, and while we're alone in the dark theatre thinking about the Revenge of the Sith, and thinking about the Imperial March... [giggle, hand over phone to Figment]

[an interesting interpretation of the Imperial March]

[much cackling, during which Figment runs away from the phone]
Figment is evil. In just the right way. [more cackling] Oh yeah, don't listen to this at work... [giggle]”

Transcribed by: azurelettuce

Incidentally, that's Figment providing the sound effects.

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