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Assorted updates on life

Figment's car is OK. The problem was discovered to be a mis-seated oxygen sensor.

trystan_laryssa thinks I am devious and evil, just because my fingernails are getting long and I give good backscritches.

Figment's sense of humor is startling for those who only know him well enough to see his prim-and-proper side. He also tells excellent bedtime stories about the Greek pantheon. He was startled to learn that I don't remember or had never heard as many of those stories as I ought to; I pointed out that they're the ones who have been picking me, rather than the other way around.

I get less sleep on the weekends than I do during the week, where by "weekend" I mean those days that I am not working.

There is a lady next door who has had problems with people in the past, and is now concerned that the problems may be starting up again, because she has heard people calling her name and talking about her/to her right outside her door, and yet there's never anyone there. She asked me whether I'd heard anything, or whether she was just trippin'. At a guess, I'd say that she needs to talk to her personal clergymember, because there's more going on than just harassment, coincidence, or trippin', not from how she felt. In any case, I'm hoping she won't wake me up while I'm asleep. I really do need to retrofit the door-knocker with a pad before it becomes an issue.

Due to recent events and a timely update of information with my phone company/ISP, a cellphone shall be entering into my life. Sadly for the state of gossip-ness between the cybercoven and my #1 bondmate, it's Qwest, not Sprint. The fellow updating my information asked for my occupation, and I answered, "Phone goon." He'd been pleasant before, but that managed to tip him over the edge, and he lost utter control and started laughing. I have a feeling that the Customer Service employees at that particular call center are going to take well to the term.

I'm making Infamous Soup again, this time with probably not as much onion and not as much freezing it, because that ruins the texture of the potatoes.

A muscle in my right upper arm has been twitching; a muscle in my right thigh has been twitching. Neither of these are really a problem, but it does feel disconcerting.

All is not perfect in Figment vs. Lunatic land. Just like Lunatic vs. Maniac land, we drive each other nuts, batty, up the wall, and so forth. This is especially the case when I'm at least slightly cranky. Figment's probably nearer to perfect than Darkside, but Figment is more likely to annoy me by rattling on about some topic when it utterly bores me. And I know that I just did something that accidentally really hurt Figment, and I wound up being really sorry about it. He's OK, fortunately.

Lunatic sleep now. And this time, there will not be any waking me up three hours into my sleep cycle because of excruciating pain. The ear feels much, much, much better.

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