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Random day-type stuff

Sis drove past in her shiny pretty car while I was waiting for the bus to go to the plasma place. She waved at me. I wonder what-all is up with her. The Little Fayoumis ought to be almost done with the 2nd grade by now. Another few years, and he'll be as old as I was when I first started keeping a journal. I do intend to show him where this journal is at once he's old enough to appreciate it -- say, in his twenties, or perhaps when he's dealing with his first child.

I very much need to find the laser dance music from Ocean's Twelve. And, oo, hooray, Google reveals that it may be downloaded from the artist's website, -- it's a ways down on the page, but oh, it's just what I was looking for to supplement my collection of far-too-perky morning songs. This is definitely one to dance to.

I'm getting far better at guessing what the movie probably is from seeing parts of it. I blame LJ.

Today featured new pens stuck to the counters at the plasma place. The one at the plasma check-in/compensation window in the back had a great big sign next to it, pointing at it, saying, "PEN!!" I was the only one who found this in any way surreal or giggle-worthy.

I'm also one of the people there who's good at being tidy and responsible -- when I noticed I'd started to leak, I went right over to the biohazard trash and held my arm over it before I actually dripped on the floor.

I wound up reading my jellybean segment with Captain Davidson (I do so love her, even though she started out as a hybrid between rosalynde and Captain Janeway, with some gritty Cherryh spacers thrown in for flavour) and topped off by sharing sailorjim's "On the Subject of Penises...", especially because there had been some Smut Fanfic by one of the new girls.

V dropped in briefly, and then we all headed off to Cafe Fiat. We're trying to be very good there, because it's technically a Catholic café, and quite a few of us are very much not Catholic. But we had fun.

V leaves Friday morning early, and I'm car-sitting again. She'll be out for five weeks; she gets back the week of June 22nd, or at least, after the freshstartwrite meeting the week before. She worked out her insurance information -- her full coverage insurance through USAA is $3/day, which is more than reasonable. And she gets to allow anyone she cares to driving access to her car. So I'm carsitting, and paying the insurance for the time I'm carsitting. Yay carsitting! -- Very Much Not Safe For Work: fanart of Bride!Harry with all six Weasley husbands. Also very silly.

I need to bring the hangers to the next writing group. Yay writing! I also want to burn myself an audio CD of songs that will pump me up every time, and this one belongs on it. Incidentally, Figment seems to have very effectively hacked my self-image, because when I'm thinking about myself as I'd describe myself to others, I most often hear myself thinking, "the pretty Lunatic". Next on the list of things to hack is the self-image of other people. *plots*

I was very bad about writing this week. I need to get cuttingrmfloor finished. I also need to do my thing a couple doors over where the guy killed himself, and I need to put out a candle for that poor woman who died on the 1st. So much to do, so little time...

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