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Housework... (Also, work nattering.)

I've got to get back in the habit of logging my housework on LJ, that I might be poked into doing it more often. Thus...

I ran the dishwasher before I left, and put away the dishes after putting the laundry in. Yay, me.

I need to get more quarters for laundry and bus when I'm at work tomorrow. (Work has a bill-to-change conversion machine. Yay work.)

I sorted things in the bathroom a bit, and have been systematically de-dusting the corners of the room, but I need to do some more in-detail things. I keep being reminded of Darkside's mother's commentary about her son's cleaning habits. Rather unflattering commentary, actually, but in all likelihood accurate. I am gathering that she doesn't want me getting any inaccurate impressions of the young man.

My black crinkle-skirt with the lace was in the mending box; I sewed up the gap where the lace and the thin cotton had parted company. It'll go back into circulation the next time I have occasion to wear it.
I need to mend two pairs of black pants; to do that, I need to wind a black bobbin. Yay, sewing machine. I now have adequate thread, Coats & Clark Dual Duty Plus black thread, vs. off-brand stuff that's got visible strands fuzzing out and a width that is other than uniform.

I put the spices from the cardboard box in the spice cupboard. Yay, me. I really do need a specific external spice sorter, though, because I inherited an asston from templeravenmoon.
The Scary Soup I started last night is ready; it's decent, if slightly overcooked on the meat. Next time, potatoes, onions, and corn first, and meat only at the last. I'll be having this at work for the next few days, because while I like, in theory, the idea of storing frozen portions of soup in the freezer to be pulled out at need, when there are large pieces of potato in the soup, there will be changes in the internal structure of the potato, and large holes where ice crystals used to be, and burst cell walls, and that is not good at all for the happy texture of the properly-stewed potato.

I've really been wanting to polish my nails. Maybe I should, after the laundry gets out of the dryer.

I need to hole-punch all my work instruction booklet bits and put them in a binder, properly organized. I also want someone to give me a proper TFM on all the commands on the computer system, especially the ones that I don't know about. I know I don't do supervisor stuff much, but I do want to be able to know these commands finger-fast like the other supervisors. I'm afraid that I was hopeless and they gave up on me. I'm actually rather more certain that I absolutely rule as check-in, and that I'm much in demand there, and that there just aren't enough things for Phone Goons Pulled to Assist to do now that they're cracking down on supervisor:goon ratios.

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