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More housework... Also, I get pissed off enough to think about slinging curses. Spam = anger.

Changed out the air freshener cartridge. (Yes, bekijane, I do use these vile things in the bathroom, even though the best way to air out the place is still with fresh air -- it's just a little too hot for me to just leave the patio door open all the time, and my allergies wouldn't stand for it.)

Sorted out those of my bras that need mending. Yay bras.

Put away clean laundry.

I changed out the fly strip in the kitchen a few days ago while I was on the phone with Figment. I do not like heights. But I was a good Lunatic, and I succeeded.

There is now a shoe-sorter in the hallway. Yay, shoe-sorter. Next, I need to get more of those wooden shelves from Fry's Marketplace, because they are sturdy and good for putting things on.

The bras needing mending are piled by my computer where I will be able to work on them absently while I'm not really doing anything else.

I really need a new computer chair. The one I have is not an actual computer chair. I need something that is the right height for me. What I really really need is a computer chair of the type I got to use while growing up, the kind that has the forward-tilted seat and the knee-pads and the rocker.

Shopping list:
File board for fingernails (I'm growing into a vain little puss)
Shelves for binders
Shelf for hallway stuff

Task list:
Get up early.
Hit the gym.

List of domains to formally malediction:

I also think that perhaps I should issue a bill to any business that I've ever done business with who sends a spam to any of my e-mail addresses.

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