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A. Lunatic in Motion

How do you get a warm, pliable Lunatic who's more than happy to just dissolve into bed without argument? Well, yeah. But how do you get one of those with minimal effort on your part, and without needing to fuck her senseless so that she'll stay in bed after that? (Note: much of the time, sex makes me hyper.)

Equipment needed: one gym. One reasonably reliable source of music. One effective system of hair restraint. One reasonably comfortable outfit of clothing. One warm shower. Result? One warm, happy, tired Lunatic who will be more than happy to soak up backrubs following this.

I followed mamadeb over to fandom_fitness, and that should provide me with some impetus to keep this going after I start it. I really need to make an introductory post over there, methinks...

My impulse purchase of a headphone radio thingy some years back was a good one, if only I could figure out where that naughty little intermittent defect is to fix it, because it's highly annoying to have my music go out and need to box my own ears to turn it back on.

Also, I've discovered what I'm going to use that big-ass bottle of hair gel for, the icky blue stuff that's not even amusing. Hair restraint, anyone? Especially if I'm going to wash it out before it even has the chance to dry in...

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