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Yay for archiving. Sorta. I'll let you know what I get back. will archive randomosity from off the 'net, both publicly and privately. It's actually a lot like a Certain Service That Shall Remain Nameless gone legit, actually, except crossed with a search engine so that when you archive fifty billion pages on dealing with chronic illness, all you have to do is type in "spoons" to the search, and you get the right one. And it looks like it's just the right tool for saving all those funky-ass links that you find on the friends-page but you don't have time to read at work, yet you don't want to make a big-ass bookmarks-to-read-at-home page without first screening them for "do they suck or not" or something.

I e-mailed the guru over there to see if they had any answers about the burning privacy question about whether or not it's permissible under their terms of service to publicly archive copyrighted material that was not publiclly available, especially without permission of the copyright holder. And I suggested that if there isn't such a clause, that they should put that one in there ASAP to avoid wankage. (Only I didn't say it quite like that. I think I said "immediately" instead of ASAP.)

I poked around on their search feature, and I found only one of my actual LJ posts on there, my observation last May on the role of the civilian in restraining the military's zeal, and having to make the decision that there are some prices for peace and security that are too high to pay, and that we have to tell the military this. That one was public, and it was very reasonable for someone to want to save that as an input to their brainspace that they'll want to remember where was. The site's legit, although they are affiliated with some sites with very shady spyware practices (the Lycos family, anyone? But then, Wired magazine's affiliated with them too, so there are some very good content things that have unfortunate bedfellows...) and it does not look to be a haven of trollage.

So. Another thing to check out, both to play with for good, because it does look nifty, and to monitor lest some asshat do an asshatted thing with it.

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