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Yay, things.

My bank statement and my phone bill both now reflect c'thia in that both are showing the rather large payment I made last Sunday, even though the payment does not show up in the bank account until Wednesday. It was worrisome when the payment showed first as pending, and then did not show at all, because that could just be bad.

My cellphone is now on. I will be picky about distributing the number, because minutes will be limited for daytime weekday hours. (Well, not so very limited during the three-month promotional period, but more limited after that expires, because I will go with the lesser-expensive option and do things like try not to talk to people when I have limited minutes.

A cellphone is not entirely necessary, but it does make more things an option for me. My sanity and getting to talk to Darkside regularly is one of these things; with a decent cellphone, I can do things on weekends and not have to worry about forfeiting my time on the phone with him. Unless it's a situation where I can't quietly excuse myself and go and call, I can try at whatever time I think is best, and if he should call back, he'll be able to reach me.

Getting stranded in odd places at odd hours will also be less of a problem. Being out of the state for a few days here and there will be less of a problem -- I have "local" coverage in not only Phoenix, but also most major metro areas of California, and lots of major metropolitan and roadside areas across the country.

I am testing the text messaging feature. So far, the attempted post-by-email text message has not posted, nor has the test message from the LJ text message tool arrived. Bah. And the Qwest webpage,, does not play well with Firefox. I am mildly vexed.

Also, my voicemail does not yet exist -- it seems to redirect to my home phone when I call it from my cellphone, and my answering machine will pick it up. Which is handy, but I would like to be able to access my messages, please...! ...ahh. So that's how you play with that feature! ...though I still don't know exactly how one does access the actual messages, at least I can log in with the security code.

There's game tonight. I'm not sure whether I'm going to go hang out, going to go get a little grocery shopping (and car refueling) done, play with the phone some more, or just go to sleep immediately.

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