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Pain & other prosaic things

Today's my day off; tomorrow is an extra shift I'm taking at work just because. Wednesday is another day off, but there's so much stuff going on, I shan't be able to get anything done.

starbrow and wibbble will probably think I'm working myself into the ground again.

Now that my ear's feeling better, my neck has started to go wonky from bad sleeping positions and a bad computer desk. I need something hot to put on it.

Tomorrow, I get to pick out my ticket for heading off to see Grandma.

I went grocery shopping; as well as carrots, I now have a small fire extinguisher for the apartment, which makes me feel ever so much better about myself and about life.

I'm going to head out again -- I'll be available via cellphone should anyone need me. Ro, I need to send you the number.

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