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Posts to make:

Magical jewelry and what it means to different people -- symbolism, sentiment, active tool, crutch?
Checklist for dealing with a Lunatic in a panic/depressive state: water, check blood sugar, check star necklace, check bond to bondmate #1 and/or #3 (but especially #1), ground & center, preferred method the stripped-down LBRP.
Household geekery, posts about organization, electronics, shelves I want.

I also, before I forget again, need to take the stereo apart so I can use it. I also need to see if any of Sis's CDs are in there, so I can get them back to her before she leaves after the LF's school gets out for the year. I want to make a good workout mix CD, one that definitely features the Swift song and "Thé à la menthe".

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