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Spoilers for Sith!

OMFG. Who would have thought that Padme was going to have twins? And who would have thought that Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader, who was incidentally Luke Skywalker's father?

But now, some actual thoughts...
No two Sith Lords are not on fire. Had to say that one. Also, only a fool fights in a burning building -- or in a burning fucking spaceship! Furthermore, Luke and Ani have the same trouble of self-fulfilling Force prophecies. Heh. Lots of foreshadowing. I'm a sucker for good heavy foreshadowing. Bail Organa kicks ass. Yoda, likewise. Figment thought that Obi should have shoved his saber through Ani's brain after he caught on fire; I agree. I was expecting good ol' Sid to come in and swoop a direly injured Ani out of there just as Obi-Wan was about to do the humane thing and kill Anakin, leaving Obi-Wan to wonder if young Skywalker survived or not.

It looks like it'll watch just as well in a row as it does middle-endian.

Jar-Jar? Had no lines. Not a one. Not a single solitary one. YAYYYYY! Also, it was heavy-handed on the Shrubbery references. Political as holy fucking hell, this movie, which makes it something that I was cheering over, and Figment was just sitting there perhaps missing. (Figment and I have agreed that Kermit the Frog would make the best president for the US, and that's about as far as our political alignments line up. I regret that I have but one vote to cast for my country to neutralize my two closest bondmates.) But yeah, Padme was not having a good day, and I found her commentary on the death of democracy particularly telling. Yay, us! *waves flag* *gets quashed by Padme*

Padme's hair. OMFG. Aside from the 'do that made her look like an airheaded cheerleader, it was gorgeous. Also, the costumes. YUM. Yay Padme.

I liked Anakin's descent, how it was hooked off of his virtues. Tragic hero. The Little Fayoumis's Star Wars action figure games are very telling about what I liked best about the movie. "I know what's behind the mask!"

Yoda? Kicked ass. Kicked serious ass. Flying saucers!!! Little green men!

Palpy was great at playing Anakin off both sides. Because, well, you can see how Young & Dumb Ani is, and he's still falling for it. Still doesn't explain why Padme fell for the creepy stalker in the first place, but it explains why Anakin fucked up so thoroughly.

Not very coherent. I'm going to watch it again, hopefully with a Darkside.

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