Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Frrrrrruuuuustration! LJ vs. Phone Text Messaging

I'm attempting to figure out how the fuck my phone works with the text messaging, for the purposes of setting up my allowed senders for post-by-email to include the address that my phone sends from, thus enabling me to post to the journal from the cellphone. Not to mention attempts to get LJ's happy little send-text-messages-to-phone feature working ... to date, I tried to send ONE, and LJ's mail server gave up after three days as a bad job, and kicked it back to me saying "No dice."

So far I've seen three different domains referred to when trying to send mail to this insufficiently-documented phone.

Provider? Qwest.

Domains?,, -- these being the domains that the provider's website, the return address on the sent text message, and LJ's pre-programmed little thingity use, in that order.

Fucking fuck. Fuckity?

I just now got three text messages to my phone, one that I'd sent out a few days ago from Gmail. The fuck?

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