Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Encouraging... yet not.

Messages sent to [10 digits] get through, even messages from LJ with provider as "other".

Next up: me sleeping. I was check-in at work today, it was the sort of hellish shift where people disappear and reappear, paperwork gets scrambled, the most reliable guy in the building comes in late (no) thanks to his car's electrical system going wonky (I swear I need to exorcise the vehicle), and the firewall went down during an update.

Friday will feature me as check-in again, and (we are to hope) a little less in the way of panic and a little more in the way of actual spare time.

I am good at writing business e-mails. So says Stressy College Chick. I knocked out a first draft and ran it past her -- well, I suppose it was draft 1.5, because I swapped the word order in one place to have it make more sense -- and she said it was perfect. I've seen my co-workers agonize for what seems like hours over e-mail to get it right. In the agonizing department, I have homework to get done on Friday, homework for work. Sorta. It's a test case on working with documentation. Ack? Only I can't do it at home. Double ack.

Now we're waiting to see if LJ's sending out to Qwest phones actually gets through. If it doesn't get through overnight, I'm opening a Support request pointing out that hello, I sent out a message the other day and it got bounced back as "refused" by the wrong address, and manually entering got a message through within ten minutes, and swapping back over to give a message again was not working? Badness, and if I get another fail message in my inbox in another three days saying that it was trying to talk to, I shall be wroth indeed.

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