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Good Things

My neck seems to be working again, thanks to some intensive massaging with one of my assorted bits of electronics (which is finally being put to the manufacturer-label-intended use), liberal application of a hotpad (which is not like a Tonja Steele wetbag, really it isn't), and some very pointed relaxation efforts at work, when I noticed that I'm carrying my stress in my shoulders.

Saved money from last paycheck and good hours on this most recent paycheck mean that I will be able to get storage furniture sooner rather than later, which means that I'll be able to put things away effectively sooner rather than later, which will directly contribute to my quality of life and happiness.

I got a fire extinguisher the other day, finally, which also makes me happy. I've been living for too long in a place without one, which contributes to unseen stress levels. A place doesn't feel Safe to me unless it's got a convenient fire extinguisher.

Motley gave me about two pounds of fresh figs. (She has a tree. She therefore has more figs than she can safely consume by herself.) What am I supposed to do with two pounds of fresh figs?

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