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Today was a crunchy bit of chaos, in a very straightforward way. I knew beforehand that I'd be monitoring, but I hadn't known beforehand that I'd be getting the wrong side of $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB. Not that, supervisorally, that there is a "wrong side" -- phone goons have a "right side" and a "wrong side"; supervisors get "the side we're on today". Which is sort of like being ethically vegetarian and trying to keep kosher and being told that you have to set up your kitchen for meat today. Even if you won't be eating any yourself, you'll still have to smell it and see it, and everything you do eat there will be tainted with it. Even though I was monitoring, and not actually on the phones myself, I was uneasy.

There are assorted interesting people at work. The Animator has left; the Animation Acolyte remains. I was refueling with serious caffeine in orange-flavored form, and not yet coherent by break, though I was delightfully on-task while monitoring. I learned how to monitor, and monitor well, while actually half-asleep, long ago. I was doing over five ten-minute segments per hour, and would have been doing more except for the occasional spacing of the starting of the session, and the occasional bad report that I had to take out to the supervisors personally.

There was one report where I felt I had to bring the tape even though it was only a minus, and not a bang, because I know the phone goon in question is highly argumentative, and unpleasant to boot. I felt I might as well save the supervisors a trip back to my monitor room. There was another report that even though it wasn't a minus, I felt I had to bring the report to the Shift Ops Super personally, because it could have been a minus, but the actual damage to the validity of the data was nil, and the reason for the infraction was poor survey design and a bad judgment call on the part of the phone goon, even though the infraction itself was very serious by the rules. An e-mail will be sent, and it is to be hoped that the problem will be fixed, and fixed soon. (The problem? There's one question that asks, "When did X last happen?" without an option for "X has actually never happened", and then two questions following that which assume that X has in fact happened, with no real option for "I already said, there was no X!" The very new phone goon put in a null answer for the first one, and then put in the same null answer for the next two -- without reading the next two questions, not even by prefacing them with a, "I know you just said that X didn't happen, but my supervisor insists that I read ALL THE QUESTIONS, even the ones that are dumber than a box of Dendarii hill rocks...")

I wound up, what with one thing and another, winding up staying a half-hour after, to get random crap calculated, the electronic ticket receipt printed up, and Trendy Chick Super's computer fixed. (The thing went off at random right after someone bonked the monitor to get her to hush up about a sensitive issue, so the Local Pseudo IT Person (me) was pulled in to help diagnose the problem -- turned out to be a pair of loose plugs jostled.) I got accused of sounding like a Real Computer Person. Um, heh... gee.

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