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Good best friends are hard to come by...

...and I seem to have lucked out.

There was a Darkside home when I called after I finally got out of work. We chatted about this and that. Work is work. I shared some of my concerns about the Daft Teenybopper, which was on top of the thing that's really been bothering me, the thing that only Naomi can really talk about because it's so central. Though I don't know who was actually out, but that's her sector of the brain that it was in.

But yeah. There was something troubling me, something that only Darkside really was the right person to talk to about... and I got to talk to him.

My chances of seeing Darkside on my birthday are decent. I seem to have hit on an idea that he'll enjoy -- am I a genius? Only with Figment's help, it seems ... but when I'm good, I'm really good.

We Star Wars-geeked. We seem to have gathered enthusiasm. This tells me that my Cunning Plan involving a marathon, at Figment's suggestion, may just be the thing.

Now I need to go return the Camera of Suxx0r to Fry's Electronics (and perhaps come by some interesting DVD titles).

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