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Fandom: Star Wars stuff (more)

sarahtales sums up Revenge of the Sith in the now-standard snarky script format. Wackiness ensues, including Figment nearly snorting a noseful of something at the screen. Spoilers, natch.

"Isolated" -- fernwithy, Obi-Wan post-RotS, gen, angsty.
"Five Senses" -- selenak, Darth Vader end and post-RotS, gen, angsty!

What I want to do right now is curl up into a ball next to a certain someone while they're slicing and dicing with lightsabers in some console game and just listen to the sound effects and attempt to not inhale their arm hairs, but alas, I have a lonely bed to curl up into with some rocks and a plastic lightsaber.

But now and then we wonder what it means for the sci-fi scene
That former great creative minds hide out in a machine.

Love it or hate it, Revenge of the Sith woke the fandom back up out of apathy. And I think that's a good thing.

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