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It just overwhelms me when my friends show that they care.

While a whack on the head and a dialog consisting of "Hello!"



is not exactly what makes the headlines, it's ....

It's nonstandard. It's sweet. My idea of a perfect date includes paper airplanes now, OK? Childish silly stuff. I don't want to grow up for a while.

I'm just feeling loved. Expressions of friendship like that mean so much more than a hug...

... or even saying "Happy Birthday," which he still failed to do...

...I think he's still oblivious. That is so hilariously funny! It's not like he should know, after all. I told his dad when my birthday was, but not him. I would have thought that my sister would tell him, but they haven't even seen each other for maybe a week, maybe more. They don't talk much these days and it concerns me. But he doesn't know it's my birthday, and he's not expected to know, so it's not as if he should have known and is just forgetting maliciously.

I must admit that I was hoping he'd somehow find out and surprise me in some scary and psycho way this morning, but no such luck. ...Well, since Sis celebrated my birthday two days early, perhaps my best friend will celebrate my birthday two days late, on my fictional character's birthday?

Hee hee. It's a thought. A weird one, but a thought.

I am just so happy!
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