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Last night saw me putting little plastic bins into the kitchen utility drawers, to make some sense of all the insanity therein. And lo! There was organization. I'm happy with myself.

Today, there has been some more organization, and the stuff from the oven is now put away neatly.

I need to unload the duffel bag that currently contains far too much Mountain Dew, and put the Dew away somewhere out of general access, because the vast majority of it now is the black stuff, and I like the black stuff too much to regularly drink it; I want it saved out for a special occasion or something.

I have a shelf to assemble. I have a couple printer cables to find. I have photos from four years ago that I hope are still in a condition to be developed. I have a Cunning Plan of assembling a CD of very loud and perky music that always gets me in motion, one that tells me when it's been thirty minutes, when it's been forty-five, when it's been a whole hour, and every fifteen minutes after that for the rest of the CD. Yet, I don't want it to become old; I'm thinking that I can just put on certain songs several times, and have those indicate the time if I'm listening to it straight through, and if I scramble 'em, I don't really object to hearing some of my conditioned-workout songs (like "Fire", or soon to be, "The a la menthe") several times.

Right now I'm plotting to put things away for the rest of today until I wander off to hang with trystan_laryssa, and see if I can't find the printer's cables. If I still fail to find them, I'm going to order replacements. Cheaper than getting a new printer, though I'm vexed that I can't find them. They should have been packed. Why weren't they in a normal place? Why can't I find my tub with certain vital items of jewelry in it? It could be not unpacked yet, or it could be in the storage closet ... or it could just be missing.


At least the HP website gave me a better visual idea of what, exactly, I'm looking for. I had a vague impression of a power cable with an LED; this gives me full visual specs.

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