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Went & snagged trystan_laryssa for hangout-time. Turns out that Figment's mental furniture-moving is more extensive than I realized. I hope he comes out OK. Like he said, he's no longer my charge. And, ow. I miss him? But I have nothing I can do right now but care about him and wait.

Turned out that trystan_laryssa has been wanting to see Fake for a long time, and I just so happened to have it! Much fun was had.

Except when we got back and she turned on the screen, the last half of But I'm a Cheerleader was on. Since it had come up in discussion over dinner, we had to watch it. I mentioned that onyxrising had recommended it to me.

Much fun.

trystan_laryssa has offered up their living room for my birthday party, and they've got the original trilogy widescreen boxed set as well. So if Darkside feels sociable... *grin*

We'll see.

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