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Shopping, Twins, Sith

Much shopping accomplished -- carrots and mushrooms for me, a birthday gift for a certain Darkside, and more breakfast for those drudgerous mornings.

Darkside and Dawn should have had their happy-fun-hangout time this evening.

trystan_laryssa, figment0 and I wound up watching some movie featuring Ringo Starr as a caveman. The last time I watched it was 10 years ago with Savil after spending the night at her place. Warmed-over pizza, yay... (That was then. Tonight, dustraven made burgers.)

Cartoons of the day, and events that inspired them:

Robot. Melt your brain with a laser.

"Could you monitor Joe Doe? He just ain't right."
*delivers really damn bad monitor report to shift lead*
*goes back by original supervisor* "You know that special request you had?"
"No. No, he sure ain't."

dustraven and trystan_laryssa finally heard figment0's infamous interpretation of the Imperial March, which was cause for health-endangering hysterics. figment0 once sang "Talk Dirty to Me" at a karaoke night, which was both very well-done and very out-of-character for him. This, while not half so technically polished, has that level of enthusiasm that makes amateur vocal performance so very appealing.

Evidently this recording will be preserved for posterity and future teasing of the figment0.

Eventually, I will post some of the stuff I wrote at work (random morning-page babblings) but for now, there's a disturbing gap in my calendar.

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