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Mundane Life

Work: thought it was going to be placid. Turned out to be tumultuous, because there's a new class of new hires out on the phone floor, and I got a whole pantload of them in the twenty-some booths I was assigned to watch. Snarky Lady Supervisor was walking and babysitting for Big Spiky Goth-Stylin' Supervisor, and she and I make a good team. I point out what is going wrong (and right) in vivid detail; she highlights things and gets on people's asses if she knows that they know better than to be doing what they just got caught at doing.

One person who earned a minus got a sticky-note from me on the tape saying that he's good other than those two issues that he fux0red up on, and he'll be awesome once he corrects those. The next time I monitored him, he rated a star. I think he's going to go places.

Today saw some cleaning up at home. I'm hoping to get this place in shape to workably host a small event including my blonder half, and that means cleaning, even though I know that he isn't half the housekeeper his mother makes him pretend to be. I want to make a good two-thousand-and-tenth impression. (Number approximate.)

I left my phone over at trystan_laryssa's last night. Ack. I recovered it before I came home and did laundry tonight. She said that my phone had missed me. I think it did. My electronics tend to like me.

I'm getting to know Siete's gas mileage very well, just as I knew Bonnie's.

I have the duffel bag to pack for the trip emptied; I now need to start putting things in it. I have Darkside's birthday gift assembled; all it lacks now is a suitably heartfelt and yet not intimidatingly mushy statement from me. I have a birthday gift for Stressy College Chick, because she's been having serious pen envy. (figment0 points out whenever I phrase it like that, that I should actually say "highlighter envy". I still think "pen envy" is hilarious.) I have a piece prepared for freshstartwrite on Wednesday; it isn't the mansex thing, but it is up in my beta filter, and it packs a bit of a punch. It isn't my usual lighthearted stuff.

I have highlighters at work. They are ten different colors. I use them with great efficiency to keep track of all sorts of things. I like them. This time, I used them to organize who needed to be monitored first, and with what level of urgency. Red is for zero sessions complete of three, coral is for zero of two or one of three, orange is for two of three or one of two, and green is for all done. Blue is for over the quota, yellow is for "by supervisor request", with a bar of the color it would be otherwise. Purple is for "I have done them at least once", pink is for "this is when they were done last", the other color blue is to denote the area I'm watching, and the magenta calls attention to something I need to keep a close eye on. I hadn't monitored with so many highlighters before, but I like it very much. My seating charts look like demented rainbows. I like it that way. I am a demented rainbow.

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