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Voice Post: Voice Post: Eventful!

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“Already it's been very eventful, although not in an unresolvable way. I had sort of forgotten to actually print out or write down certain crucial things, like the terminal I was leaving from, the actual flight number, my confirmation code, and, you know, the time the flights were leaving, happy little things like that.

So when I got to figment0's house, I suddenly realized this, as I was checking the information to see what terminal he should drop me off at.

And we dashed inside. His very elderly compaq running windows 98, ISP ... AOL ... somehow, for some reason failed to connect to the internet, so I wound up calling the wonderful and talented amberfox, the wonderful talented and trustworthy Amberfox, who was able to log in to my e-mail and retrieve the pertinent information.

So I'm now hanging out at gate B1, terminal 4, Phoenix Sky Harbor airport *giggle* waiting for my flight to head off to LAX.


It's been a day, all right, but it's been really fun so far.

I think I had the best birthday ever today. Or yesterday. It's still today, I haven't really gone to sleep yet.

I did get a nap.

See you later, LJ.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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