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Voice Post: Safe & sound at Grandma's.

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“I'm at Grandma's safe and sound. I got here a little too early this morning. I had only gotten about 1 hour of sleep due to everything combined.

I did get a nap.

Everything here is going well so far.

I have met the assorted grab bag of relatives, including the one I was wanting to avoid. Everything with that has gone well so far. So much for my not calling them by their title. I seem to be getting along with them and have not yet bashed them about the head with a nerf bat or anything like that.

Grandma is as well as can be expected. Seeing the aunts is a delight.

It's been a long day, and I only expect it to get longer. There is very bad signal at Grandma's, so the phone may be off. In that case, the answering machine is still around.

I will probably post somewhat later. It's been just an interesting day. I have a box with buttons and so on and so forth.

Talk to you later, guys.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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