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Voice Post: Deprivation has set in.

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“Deprivation has started to set in. There is a humungous yard sale going on. Grandma needs medication.

Guide Dog Aunt has a poodle, um, Aunt-Fayoumis is around. Uncle-Fayoumis is not. Neither is Guide Dog Uncle. Uh. My Uncle Davy's oldest boy and his wife have been here.

Everything's [whistles] I'd say interesting? I'd say boring?
There's a lot of stuff getting moved around and a lot of assorted dust and grime and ... evidently there are black widow spiders around. And that that does not thrill me, quite understandably.

*sigh* I don't like spiders. I really don't like poisonous spiders very much either.

eh... that's life.

I expect that there will probably be five million messages in my in-box when I get back. The text message thing is open, should be open, who knows if I'm actually getting any. I haven't gotten any so far. Is that you guys or is that my end? I don't know.

nyerrr. ... Guide Dog Aunt is on one of her health food kicks again, which means no joy for anybody. *giggles* She does that. The magic word is Trader Joe's, though. I'd say you get things like jam. ... uhhhh

I feel like I'm camping and underpacked.

Talk to you guys later, hope to hear from some of you. I'm probably going to crash out for the night now. Goodnight, guys.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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