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Voice Post: Ding it again!

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“It's been a nice quiet morning, I'm going to be fixing pizza for supper and that will be fun. Guide Dog Aunt and I will be going shopping for pizza ingredients. We're probably going to go with pre-made crust, because I don't have the pizza crust recipe in my head, and Dad probably doesn't have access to his pizza crust recipe, which is the one I use.

The yard sale is not not quite as in full swing as it was yesterday. Aunt-Fayoumis found a few dishes from when we got back from Iowa together, so I now have a set of fine china, which is going to be interesting. I've never had a set of fine china before, it's probably going to live in a box.

That background noise there was Aunt-Fayoumis dinging this bell she found. It's a really cool bell. Ding it again! Closer to my phone so everyone can hear. Not that loud. [Aunt-Fayoumis: "It's still ringing."] Ding it again! [Aunt-Fayoumis: "It rings for a long time."]



I have a pretty great family! [yelling so relative mostly out of earshot can hear] I said, I have a pretty great family. That's what I said. [/yelling]

Yep, it's a great day. Nice and bright and not half as hot as Arizona.

Bye, guys!”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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