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“Hello, it's been one of those interesting days, with yard sales, realtors, people seeing the house, um, ... and all that sort of happy fun and utterly insane thing. I seem to have become at least assistant cook and bottle washer if not chief cook and bottle washer.

My dad discovered that the neighbors have got an interesting little set-up. They have a pipe stuck through a gap in the fencing from their side of the fence to our side of the fence. The pipe proceeds from their side of the fence onto the mostly empty half lot that's also part of the property. And the pipe is covered by bricks in a bit of a pit, and there are signs that stuff has been drained through the pipe onto the property here. When Guide Dog Cousin saw this set-up, his first thought was Neal Stephenson book Zodiac.

[giggles; those who know the book know why]

It's definitely something that needs attention paid to it of some sort of other. Dad was talking about putting a cap on the pipe or putting interesting, um, things in the pipe. Guide Dog Cousin was talking about rigging a funnel and a garden hose to make whatever it was that was being poured through the pipe return to sender. I think that's a capital plan.

In other news, Guide Dog Ant found in the cupboards, the bottoms of the cupboards that she was cleaning out, some very old canned fruit that have turned actually grey in the canning jars. And the thought was, that Guy Dog Cousin and I had pretty much simultaneously, was to use those fruits to put in the pipe before capping our end of it, *cackle* which would definitely be an interesting experience but probably not something that really, we really ought to do. *laughs*

I made lemonade. There's a lemon tree.

My friend Dawn is going to be coming to pick me up tomorrow morning to drag me out so we can spend time together, then tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be making my infamous pizza; there wasn't pizza today. We made something else because there wasn't enough time for pizza.

And then tomorrow evening I'm going to be packing up and getting ready to fly back home, because my flight leaves just after noon tomorrow, and what with traffic and security I'll have to leave pretty much first thing in the morning tomorrow, well, not tomorrow, Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.

So it will be a nice, a nice little vacation for me. Fortunately I got Thursday off work, so I can take Thursday to recover from vacation if need be, though at the moment it's been pretty low-stress.

Talk to you later, LJ!”

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