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Things about vacation (part the first of several):

Airplane seats and I have reached a treaty of mutual loathing. Both of us are vexed. Airline safety videos can be unintentionally funny. It would be utterly hilarious to, say on an appropriate day such as April 01, replace an airline safety video with something with the same safety information content but more ... creatively ... presented. Also, boozin' is evidently for pilots on the airline I just flew!

I packed fewer sets of clothes than I had days away, and I still overpacked, but as some of them were used as packing, it was all for the good.

I come by my temper honestly, both from Grandma's side of the paternal line and GrandfatherSir's side of the paternal line. Grandma is my only surviving grandparent.

One of the aunts dug up a pamphlet on V.D. from 1971. Several copies, in fact. Once the scanner is operational, a copy will be shared. I was of the opinion that it would be a good thing to print up and distribute on college campuses as if serious -- novelty vintage sex-ed!

Even when I am not trying to, I accumulate books. I was vexed that Dad took the local copy of East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I wound up reading that cover to cover, then reading the story about the Mother of the Bride from It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It to Aunt-Fayoumis.

Geezerite. Everything's more funny with volcanic eruptions.

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