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Administrative fun

I have a number of shiny new icons thanks to the whole thing where permanent accounts now get 100 icons. Of them, I think this one's one of my very favorites, though I do like the "Food pr0n" one.

My LJ use now corresponds with my work schedule, basically. I work Thursday through Sunday (a 4 day week, but it's intense), and have errands and writing group on Wednesdays. This means that comments queue up in my inbox for Monday and Tuesday, if they're things that don't require my immediate attention, or don't have an immediate answer that I can pop off the top of my head.

Near unto nothing goes on from Friday to Saturday, because that's a late shift followed by an early shift. This is some delightful scheduling ickiness.

I tend to be online late at night, after I get home from work, or in the late morning or early afternoon between the time when I wake up and when I go to work.

I can post from my phone, but do not get comments there. If there's something urgent I need to hear about and you suspect I'm not near the computer, text message me via the LJ text message thingy as well as IMing, e-mailing, or commenting. Text posts from my phone have the phone icon (all e-mail posts of mine have the phone icon) and will be 130 characters or less (roughly two lines on my journal view).

Hi to new arrival people! I notice one new person who's clearly showing up via the List.

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