Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Awake, alive, and ... transported! Request for good links on violence victims' advocates.

V is catsitting in Brooklyn for a week.
I pick her up, um, sometime on Monday the 27th instead of tomorrow.

Blogging resources for victims' advocates (domestic violence, sexual abuse, violent crime, etc.) got any good links? V's doing a presentation on journal writing in the context of victims' advocacy, and wants to include a few good links in her lecture. There are plenty of websites on survival of violent crimes, but I'm not finding so many blogs with that theme. is a list of links that look promising, though the site itself has pop-ups. -- has a large list of resources that looks promising -- more resources
Personal blog: ginmar often talks about women's issues, including domestic violence and rape; warning: blogger is angry. -- Christian-focused abuse resources -- for recovery from abuse by professionals who should know better

In other news, I may be having Tigereye go with V, either permanently or temporarily. Details to be discussed later. I love being helpful!

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