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Another inescapable evening

This evening was shopping, mostly. Since I was not in physical or mental condition to work (I finally woke up feeling refreshed and not like dying or making anyone else die sometime after 2 pm, and shift ends at 4:30) I slept, then attempted to start getting the shopping that I would have otherwise been doing on Monday done today.

Midway through my list-making, V called with surprise news -- she's staying on the East Coast for another week! V does odd jobs for odd friends: she house-sits, pet-sits, works in the business world, and can look anywhere between bedraggled holdover hippy and smartly dressed businesswoman. (Sis made her a necklace in thanks for having her car on hand to save all our asses when her car was busted up; V wears that a lot now when she's dressing up.) Every time she doesn't know how she's going to make ends meet, another odd job pops up. She's wonderful, friendly, open, and loved by pretty much everyone. It's my solemn conclusion that V exists in the gaps between Western civilization and the real world, because that's where she seems to be most of the time.

I've found where I can get my favorite brand of rice vinegar for half the price I'd be paying at a regular grocery store. There's a little Asian market down on 35th and Dunlap/Olive, and it has it there. Nice, close by even on the bus, and good prices! This makes me happy. I think it was either there or Lee Lee's that I found the red bean jelly. (Mmm, red bean jelly.)

I'm slowly but surely going to wind up with actual shelving and storage space. I priced shelves at Target, and decided that in this case, heavy clunky shelf in car before next paycheck made more sense than heavy clunky shelf on bus after next paycheck. Less evil that way. There are some smaller, lighter, cheaper wire shelves that should round out the pantry storage and closet storage that will work very well being bought one at a time and carried home on the bus.

There are now anti-bacterial pens. They look to be made out of anti-bacterial plastic so that they will not collect germs. Share your pens, not your germs. Good sweet Eris, what a product! I shared this with amberfox and her sister. (I usually wind up calling Amber when I'm at Target, because the store reminds me to call her.)

Buffalo-style chicken strips and vegetable and chicken potstickers seem to be two of my staple frozen foods. I stocked up on those, because it's anyone's guess as to when I'll be having reliable transportation again. I suppose I could always go shopping with Figment, but since the bond's gone shrinky-shrinky, I don't like to impose too much on his time.

I now have a whiteboard wall calendar, and I've already fallen in love with it. Visible lists that I check on a regular basis are key to my remaining in any sort of coherent form of organization, and scheduling is no different from anything else. My whiteboard started saving my ass when it came into the household some time back, and it looks as if it will continue the tradition now that I don't have to organize anyone but myself (and don't have anyone but myself to depend on to organize me).

In keeping with the organization thing, I found that I'm now reaching for the pens that are on my work badge lanyard when I'm off work. I'm a creature of reflex, and it makes sense to not confuse me by making me break the reflex on my off-days, so I now have a dollar store lanyard with an identical set of pens. Stressy College Chick and I both have a pen fetish. (Fortunately, not a sexual one. I hope.) She will be amused when I tell her about this latest development in the saga.

Cherry season is always a cause for celebration. I bought red leaf lettuce and cherries at Sprouts; I expect the cherries will be gone by Wednesday. Good cherries vanish faster than questionable cherries, because there's not so much picking through them to make sure there aren't any really really nasty ones (as opposed to just dinged-up ones), so there's more eating than there is examining.

There were fireworks somewhere downtown; I saw them while driving to Sprouts. There wasn't a good place to stop and watch, though.

I've been listening to the radio in the car again; this time it's been the classic rock station, KSLX. Jimi was on: "Let me stand next to your fire." If I knew that his desire was burning and itching, standing next to is all he'd get to do with anything of mine, if that.

I think tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe Gervayse Hastings will start to touch the real world again sometime soon....

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