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Fun with blonder halves

Darkside was in today when I called. Yay! We grumbled about work together. I like it that I'm able to talk about work with him and get coherent grumbling about his workplace back from him. It's fun to actually have content to talk about, about our weeks, and so forth, rather than being pining desperately for him.

Unfortunately, this was not a good weekend to get together.

I have a cunning plan for Wednesday evening, one that involves leaving writing group a little early and zooming off to Mesa with a book. I managed to find So You Want to Be A Wizard, which is one of the books that's a building block of my mind. Darkside needs a piece of my mind for his birthday. This may lend itself to the planning of an outing for the following weekend. It may not. Either way, I win.

So does he.

It's definitely some sort of stability-point that we've reached. I'd almost say that we've reset, but that's not quite it. This is round three, as far as the universe and I are keeping score. I wonder ... he mentioned, at some point, something or other that ... didn't click ... from long ago. And Sis and I were nearly identical, back in the day, our respective days. Could this be round three for each of us?

Maybe third time's the charm.

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