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Re-organization chart

There's something about the first night of the weekend that makes me want to clean, or if not clean, at least get things something closer to in order. figment0 dropped by for a while, because we weren't done talking, but my notoriously short temper was done with the phone.

One of the things that I wound up with in Grandma's big yard sale was a fiber optic lamp. This thing had been sitting for countless years in a box (and the colors on the box are faded, and I don't think it was in direct sun) and the fibers got bent. figment0 and I played with it, and had endless amounts of amusement jiggling the fibers around so their glowing ends left squiggles of bright multicolored light in the air. I have the fiber cluster hanging outside in the heat in the hopes that the heat will soften the plastic just enough to straighten it while it hangs straight down.

I always feel like I'm camping during the work week. I don't have much energy left to do things other than wake up, go to work, come home, relax and check the communication unit, sleep, and repeat until Sunday afternoon. The Friday/Saturday transition is particularly dreadful, because if I get enough sleep, I'm out of communications for the better part of two days, but if I keep in communications, I don't get enough sleep. I don't get enough sleep to start with, and my body's started to demand an 8 hour minimum again...

Maybe this weekend I'll get the electronics under control so I can start setting up things.

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