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A nothing day, it seems like. Up, LJ & e-mail, plasma, down again for a nap, up again, laundry, dishes. Random spr0t stuff -- nothing much, just poking at stuff and trying to help. But I'm so out of practice.

Weekend, yay.

I've been typing up random things I have around, mostly the Tarot sheet I've had around for reference. Maybe "A Cup of Time" should be next, if I can still find the bits I have. I know they're in the journals.

Incidentally, "Time Lord" is in my head, and I don't know enough Dr. Who to write it effectively. "It's the stripy scarf that drives you insa-a-a-a-ane / Let's chase the Time Lord again!" Someone, anyone, please, take this filk bunny from me before it hops into my sinuses and forces me to do things like make trystan_laryssa show me all the Dr. Who episodes she has!

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