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Good Lord, that's a lot of cherries!

I had in the refrigerator what I estimate to have been perhaps a three pound bag of cherries. I was grimly anticipating the necessity of going out and braving the evening traffic to get perhaps one or two more bags of cherries the same size to pit and sugar.

What I didn't count on was the amount of juice in the cherries, and the way that the juice and the sugar start clinging to each other, and how very much space all the sugar in there takes up. I'll be lucky to not start on the other gallon glass jug with this one bag, I think.

At least until I add the vodka.

I'm contemplating buying a bottle of Everclear so that I can duplicate the Everclear cherry that someone described to me on the phone. (It couldn't have been amberfox, because amberfox and alcohol do not mix. iroshi, was that you?) Evidently the things burn like intense cinnamon. (Was it Dawn? Now I'm going to have to track whoever it was down....)

I wonder if easalle would be up for some chatting while I pit cherries and she cleans. But first, I'm going to finish this bag....

If all goes according to plan, the chocolate-covered cherries this Yule will be wizard.

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