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Hot Mama

The time/temperature sign somewhere along one of the freeways last night said it was 111°F out. I believe it. Night, mind you. When it's dark, and cooler than it was during the day. Also note that for at least part of the hot part of the day, I was getting into cars that had been sitting in the sun.

Yes, I had water with me.

Yes, Siete has air conditioning. Praise the gods of small things like that.

Today was cooler. Today was also work. Today I brought one of the monster 64oz mugs with me. I only got monitored once. I got praised (mildly) in e-mail for thinking of little details on the monitor-task stuff, because this makes it clear that I am serious about my job and also creative in thinking up solutions to current problems.

The saga of the continuing documentation exercise came to a close a while ago; I finally got my re-re-re-edited (I'm not entirely certain how many edit cycles it did actually go through) exercise returned with a virtual pat on the back for my hard work. And now that I know the format and what's acceptable, I can do things like that.

Today it was the Cute Desk Guy's turn to contribute to my silly work-related comic. "Is the glass half-empty, half-full, or a blunt object suitable for whacking misbehaving phone goons with?" I asked as I wandered in the general direction of the ice machine with my 64oz water mug.

"That's a swimming pool!" the Cute Desk Guy exclaimed. At the end of the shift, I gave him a copy of my doodle of three phone goons sitting, one with a standard-issue styrofoam cup, one with a travel coffee mug designed to fit into car cupholders, and one with an immense monster mug, and a supervisor exclaiming, "That's not a coffee cup, that's a swimming pool!"

I got three replacements on the Dendarii Brewing Company survey. I'm not sure how everyone else did. One of them was the aforementioned taxidermist.

There's a new seating procedure at work. As a check-in, I am obliged to learn it. It looks like it's going to save phone goon time, save check-in time, save shift ops supervisor time, and require maturity and responsibility on the part of the phone goons. It also looks like it's going to make name-to-face correlations for me well-nigh implausible for this new batch of new hires, because the only way I learn name-to-face at work as fast as I do is them coming up and getting booth assignments from me. Reminder to self: post about the name-to-face thing and how I don't do very well on that.

I checked my e-mail after work from the backmost monitor room (my favorite monitor room). The network in there was down. I asked Stressy College Chick if there was any reason it should be down on purpose. She knew of none. I dove under the desk and found the offending equipment: power source fallen out of the network switch. (I cooed things to the effect of "Such a goood little switch, yes you are!" when it brought network connectivity back up without so much as an initial hiccup.) I pointed out the problem to Rules Lawyer Monitor, who was the monitor shift lead, in case there had been problems this shift. She made a note to ask if there was a more secure place that the thing could be plugged in, since it's always getting kick-unplugged.

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